About Claymore Fighting & Fitness

Claymore Krav Maga is Huntsville's premier school for real-world self-defense.  We are the only school in Alabama to be certified by the ISRAELI KRAV MAGA ASSOCIATION as well as the KRAV MAGA ALLIANCE.

We brought Krav Maga to Huntsville, and are the longest-running Krav Maga school in all of Alabama.

Our only mission is to train you in the most modern and effective methods of self protection available.​​​

Founded in 2008 by a combat-decorated veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq, Claymore Krav Maga offers to students the insight and experience of what really works in the stress and chaos of a violent encounter. 

We've actually had to use our techniques in multiple armed and unarmed combat engagements.  They work.  They will work for you.

Does having instructors with real close-combat experience make a difference in the quality of your training?  Come check us out and see.​​

Why Claymore?

While you are probably aware that Krav Maga is the leading method of self-defense, few schools approach training with the same level of expertise and relentless dedication as we do.  So what do you get when you train at Claymore? 

Skilled Instruction--an expert level breakdown of techniques.  We are well-known for the high level of emphasis we place on proper technique.  We take very seriously our responsibility to provide the highest quality of training.  We consider ourselves perpetual students, spending countless hours regularly training with the best instructors in the world, so all of us are at the top of our game.  We build good habits from the start through repetition, feedback and a keen eye for detail.  The better your technique in training, the better it will be when you need it most.

Physical Strength & Stamina—together, proper technique and functional strength make for a devastating response to an assailant, whether it’s powerful striking or grappling for a better position.  Using barbells and unconventional methods like kettlebells, bodyweight, and heavy bags, our Fighting Fit classes are programmed specifically for self-defense and fighting.  You will have the strength and stamina to persevere in the intense physical demands of a violent encounter.

Mental Fortitude—the will to stay aggressive even when things go bad; to never give in to that inner voice telling you to quit during times of pain and discomfort.  Our classes will train you to overcome the kind of stress faced during violence and the threat of violence.  When the time comes, you know you’ll conquer it every time because you’ve been brought to that point so many times before in your training.

Confidence—the assurance that comes with knowing you are fully prepared to respond to bad circumstances. You are properly trained, in the best shape of your life, and you know your will is strong because it’s been tested.  Your confidence gives you the motivation to keep improving and carries over into other areas of your life.

Community—the word we hear most often to describe the culture of Claymore is “family”.  Our members come from all types of backgrounds, life experiences, and personalities.  What binds us together is our passion to help each other learn, grow and improve.  We welcome everyone who wants to join us in a friendly, safe environment, among people who genuinely want you to succeed.

About Claymore Fighting & Fitness