Benefits x3! = Include oatmeal in your diet!

I'm sure you've heard lately that oatmeal is one of the most nutritious cereals

Oatmeal we can find it in different formats (oat milk, cereals with oatmeal, fiber-rich yogurt, multigrain bread ...), and so I could follow a long list, since lately it's very fashionable!

In what way can we find it? We can see this cereal in grains, flakes, bran or flour.


What benefits does your body receive when we ingest this food? You will surprise me!

1. Presents a main biocomponent: beta-glucan that contains soluble fiber !
2. Accelerates intestinal transit, favoring the correct functioning of it.
3. Say goodbye to cholesterol ! Favors the non-absorption of it. How? This fiber makes contact with the surface of the intestine difficult, so it will not be absorbed among the microvilli presented by the surface.
4. All these tips favor avoid the risk of diseases Cardiovascular .
5. Power satisfying ! You will not be running to the pantry anymore! This cereal is absorbed slowly, so you will not feel hungry for a few hours. It's great to eat porridge before any physical activity!

Breakfasts with oats = Triple your energy!

What quantity Is it recommended to get all your benefits? Approximately 60 grams if consumed in the form of flour or 40 grams in bran. On what basis do we determine this amount? In beta-glucan !, since 3 grams of it are needed to obtain the advantages that I have named above. This type of fiber is nothing more than many molecules of glucose, which when it comes into contact with water occupies a larger volume in the digestive system, and that's where that comes from ... ¡ sacia more than other food !

Take care of your body with Avena without sacrifices!

Several scientific studies have shown that with the intake of 3 grams of beta-glucan 5% cholesterol is decreased that is harmful to our body, are you going to include this food in meals? Advantages, advantages and advantages!

Prevents and lowers cholesterol

What can we cook?

Do you want to taste something tremendously delicious and nourish yourself at the same time? Cook with it the famous pancakes!

Oatmeal can be used for both salty and sweet dishes, although I know that the weakness of many of you are those towers of pancakes syrup covers right? Well ... what if I tell you that you can prepare delicious pancakes with oatmeal?


You only need oatmeal, egg and stevia! You can also include in the pancake mix any variety of seeds, fruits, and give it a more personal touch. Do you cheer up? I hope so!

In addition to enjoying good desserts and salty dishes, you will be taking care of your body without any sacrifice. I encourage you to use your imagination with this cereal!

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