Beware of miracle diets


We are already at the door of the summer season. It is time to show off our silhouette, which we have been "working" all winter, and that, if we have done things right, Operation Bikini will be completed or will be soon, and we will not have any qualms. Or maybe yes.

If you still think that you should adjust a little more, you should be careful with the information you will find circulating on the network. We are talking about the miracle diets.

It's not gold all that glitters

A pretty phrase "Gleaming" and, in this context, it is not for less. What if you lose 5kg in a week? Wow, fable right? If you follow us for some time, it will be very easy to detect that this type of titles are doomed to failure. But if still, you fall into this information, at least, try to let others know why no should be followed . If you find words of the style: lose weight, quickly, a matter of days, without stress ... we are putting it on a tray to automatically delete it from our history.

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The danger of miracle diets

The main danger they can cause is related, with neither more nor less, our health . Removing essential nutrients for a short period of time can pose a serious risk to our health. And with this, you should not play, or want to "look" better. When we follow a very strict diet our metabolism is slowed down , since the organism conserves the minimum energy that we are contributing to it. Obviously, the consequence may be that the source of energy comes from a very precious tissue, our muscle mass.

For this reason, when we "put on a diet", the goal should always be to lose fat, no weight

We can find quite serious consequences from the two areas: physical and mental.

  • On the physical side: You will experience immense muscle weakness as the days progress. We fall into a continuous fatigue that prevents us from carrying out our training routine and our daily chores.Also avoid the desperation to lose weight. Establish a healthy diet and the passage of time , will gradually produce the changes we proposed at a given time. As we have seen, diet should not mean any sacrifice, but on the contrary, it is to maintain a lifestyle.

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