Burn that excess fat

Girls! Did you know that a higher percentage of muscle mass produces more body fat burning?

This happens because muscle mass requires a greater energy expenditure than fat mass; so when you build muscle, energy expenditure is very or greater, which translates to more fat burning. That said, I keep telling you!

I propose eight foods that will grow your muscle mass with quality !

Are you one of those girls who have trouble getting muscle mass? Do not despair! These foods will help your dough to grow in a controlled manner, as well as favoring your maintenance in defining times.

First of all, do not be alarmed! You are not going to build as much mass as many think; we are women, we do not have as much testosterone as men, so do not imagine that you are going to become a man, it is not possible!

Let's start!

  • Egg - egg whites : You can consume eggs daily, it does not increase cholesterol ! False myth In addition, you can consume it at any time of the day, and favors maintaining testosterone levels .
  • Chicken breast : It gives us proteins and phosphorus . It contains all the essential amino acids, making it an essential food for muscle growth . You can include chicken at any time of the day!

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  • Red meat (veal, beef): Contains CLA , a type of healthy fat that favors the reduction of body fat , while muscle mass and strength increase. Its high protein and fat content keeps testosterone levels high.
  • Salmon : Great source of quality protein and Omega 3 (EPA and DHA). It favors muscle growth, since it controls insulin sensitivity . It is ideal for lunches and dinner. In addition to containing healthy fats favors appetite control if we eat it at night, preventing us from waking up wanting to eat something.
  • Brown rice : Its consumption favors the production of growth hormone in a very high percentage. This is because it contains an acid called gamma-aminobutyric acid. It is a carbohydrate of low glycemic index , which favors maintaining stable insulin levels , since glucose is released more slowly, which makes digestion is delayed and we stay with energy for longer. It is ideal as a pre-workout, 1 hour before starting our routine!
  • Oatmeal : This cereal contains six of the eight essential amino acids for the protein synthesis, so it becomes one of your best allies for muscle mass growth . In addition, being a low glycemic index food, the carbohydrates it contains are released very slowly, which favors your energy to last longer and avoids symptoms of fatigue .

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  • Broccoli : Reduces the production of estrogen in a controlled manner, which favors the growth of muscle mass, as well as the high content of essential amino acids .It also has a high glutamine content , an amino acid essential for the growth of muscle mass. And the big advantage is that being very low in calories, you can prepare a large bowl of spinach salad as an accompaniment to your main dish!

Are you including these foods in your dishes? And if you were missing one, you already know that these foods can not be missing for those girls who find it difficult to build a good muscle mass. But remember, do not be alarmed when you read "grow your muscle mass", as it is a slow and progressive growth without getting to look like a man like many of you think.

So you already know: Build mass to burn fat!

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