Do not be afraid to train the upper train!

Girls! Do you do a complete routine of all muscle groups or ... are you one of those who leave the upper zone aside?

I always try to convey the benefit that comes with including in your day to a few healthy lifestyle habits in a balanced way. I've talked about it from the point of view of food, but ... do you maintain a balance when it comes to training? That is, do you spend days training legs and other days the upper body?
With this, I mean, it is very important to train all the muscle groups of the body; It is true that there are times when we focus more on one group than on another, whether for a specific objective or a muscular problem.

But aside from the specific cases, it is necessary to establish a balance in our training , although some groups are prioritized over others, it's normal! Some of you will want to have a more voluminous or defined legs, a bigger back, or even thin but defined arms, that's a matter of personal taste!


The key is always in the balance

No taste ... let's stop training a muscle group and not be provided right? although I know that many of you think that you are going to get too strong arms, very wide back ... but no! As you already know, women, having less testosterone than men, have a much harder time getting muscle mass, so I repeat again, do not be afraid!

We are women, we do not have as much testosterone

Exercising arms will help you define your silhouette beautiful figure!

There is a very wide range of train your top train. If you are not very fond of using weights in this muscle group, you can work with TRX, high intensity circuits with light dumbbells or even with your own weight! Do not get carried away by the false myths ... experiment and observe the results will surprise you!

After all, do you dare to train arms and back?


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