Easy and fresh summer salad recipes


On hot days, you want to cook simple recipes, fresh and, of course, healthy. Summer salads are a good option for these days, although many may find them somewhat boring.

Salads are very beneficial to our health , especially fruit and vegetable salads . These are much more recommended than those of pasta ​​strong>, because they are fast-digesting carbohydrates. A perfect substitute for the pasta, the zucchini . One option is to cut it into strips and cook it as if it were spaghetti and present it as a salad. The result is delicious and healthy zucchini noodles.

The fresh foods ensure a contribution of quality nutrients and quantity. If its preservation is biological, there will be absence of chemical additives , preservatives and antiglutinantes . Also, fresh foods are the best option to provide energy to the brain, as they help to conserve memory in proper conditions.

 Summer fruit and citrus salads with pitaya or fruit dragon

We bring you two of the best recipes for our body and for the days of something more hot. You will not be able to resist trying them. Take note!

Spinach summer salads

Spinach summer salad

We can substitute classic lettuce for other alternatives, such as fresh spinach . They can be complemented with other ingredients such as avocado that gives a unique and special flavor to summer salads and nuts, such as almonds .

On the one hand, spinach helps maintain muscle strength, is high in vitamin A and C It is an excellent source of minerals, contains folic acid and vitamin K and, in addition, improves vision. On the other hand, l almonds absorb fats, protect you from free radicals and provide you with the vitamin E that your body needs.

Fruit salads

 Summer fruit and citrus salads

For those hottest days, nothing like summer salads of fruit .In this case, we have chosen to add strawberries, pineapple, kiwi, watermelon, peach and lemon.

During this time you want to escape for a little while as > beach , mountain or park to take advantage of good weather. A good idea is to bring the summer salads in a glass jar , as it is a quick and easy substitute for the tupper. It allows to season the salad in advance and maintains the appearance and texture of the ingredients. In the event that your summer salad includes lettuce, spinach or tomato, it is important that they are not in contact with the dressing.

Also try to compact

strong> well all the layers so that they do not mix during transport. If you garnish your salad, it has to be the first layer you include, the one in the background. On the dressing, the harder ingredients and, on top of these, the lighter ones that you do not want to absorb the sauce. If it is a vegetable salad, like the previous one, we will finish with tomato and spinach or other leafy vegetables, such as lettuce.

At the time of eating, it is preferable dump the summer salads in a dish . In this way, the dressing will bathe the rest of the ingredients. In the case of having to eat directly from the glass jar, it is necessary to move it with energy and enjoy!

We recommend having summer salads Prepared in glass jars ready in the fridge. If you prepare them with fresh ingredients they are kept in the fridge until 3 or 4 days. It's a good way to get hold of them after work or at the gym.

Summer salad dressing

Summer fruit and quinoa salad

If you want to add a touch to your summer salad, you can include a sauce cooked with coconut , lemon and cilantro . Place these three ingredients in the blender and mix until you get a homogeneous cream of a green tone. A delicious seasoning for any summer salad! Also, you can complement it with quinoa to add protein to the dish.

Fruits and vegetables Vegetables are low in calories and high in vitamins and minerals. Include these summer salad recipes in your menu and you will see how you achieve your goal.

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