Exercises to tone legs and buttocks

Do you want toned legs and buttocks?

Noemí Martínez brings you the solution in the video that we show you next.

The circuit is of 6 exercises, where You will work both legs and glutes in a different way. Practicing this type of routine will benefit you in:

  • Gain muscle mass in the lower train.
  • Favor post-training hormone release.
  • Training legs and buttocks will bring benefits in athletic performance.

This circuit is designed so that you can do it 2 or 3 times a week, but especially not consecutive days.


We leave a short description of this circuit, in addition to the table corresponding to the video.

  1. To start the routine you should do squats , 20 repetitions.
  2. The second exercise consists of doing strides , 30 repetitions.
  3. In the third exercise you must do extensions of the twins , 40 repetitions.
  4. Next to squats on the wall , you'll have to hold for about 50 seconds.
  5. For the fifth exercise you do star jumps , 100 repetitions.
  6. In the sixth exercise you will repeat the squats on the wall , you will hold 50 seconds the same.
  7. The seventh exercise consists of doing leg lifts , you must do 40 repetitions for each leg.
  8. In exercise number eight you do hip lifts , 30 repetitions.
  9. In the last exercise you will return to repeat the squats of the first exercise, 20 repetitions.

You should rest between 20 and 40 seconds between each exercise and, if you still have strength at the end, repeat it! Butt!


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