Fitball training, what benefits does it provide?

Although many people associate the use of the fitball with the pilates exercise, this large round ball can be included in many other workouts.

Do you know what benefits the fitball can bring if you include it in your routine? Pay attention, because we are going to tell you the great advantages of using a fitball.

1. Improve your posture

If you have a poor general posture of the body you tend to be more physically tired. With a fitball you will get to improve your corpora posture l and have more energy. In addition, this will allow to decrease the risk of having an injury while training and going to improve your agility.

People who do not take into account their posture, usually have fallen shoulders with low heads or even have curvatures in the back. Some exercises like the superman are very beneficial, since they increase the strength of the muscles that affect the posture of your body, helping you to avoid bad postures.

Fitball class in the gym.

2. Fitball improves your balance

Workouts with fitball improve your balance and stability . The stabilizing muscles surround the joints protecting them from injuries and the neutralizing muscles ensure coordination in the movements. For this reason, exercises with fitball improve the two functions : neutralize and stabilize the muscles. A good posture and a good balance will contribute to the long-term alleviation of your locomotor system Likewise, it helps to improve on weight exercises, to run in a firm and safe way, and to compensate for any muscle imbalance you may have.

3. Strengthens the muscles

Exercises with a fitball constantly require the muscles of the trunk, which you do not use when doing weights or machines. In addition to getting a more functional trunk, you'll benefit from a more toned back and abdominal muscles . You can do these exercises to tone up your butt

Toning glutes with fitball.

It also strengthens the muscles of the back and produces a stretch of the spine.

4. It is perfect for rehabilitation

The fitball, by not stopping to move, never lets you be still. It is unstable to sit and do static exercises, so activates motor and balance activities. Particularly beneficial for people who have had spinal operations or who have back pain . The risk of injury is lower compared to gym machines, since when lying down, the pressure on your back discs is up to 35% lower compared to the exercises standing.

The fact that it strengthens the muscles of the back, allows to have a rapid rehabilitation , especially if it is orthopedic.It allows you to train at home or anywhere, you choose!

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