How you can fight fluid retention

Surely many of you have noticed changes in your body that have no explanation. Sometimes we notice a sudden increase in weight, swelling in the legs and ankles or an increase in the lower belly area. The reason for all this is fluid retention or also known as edema.

The retention of liquids is an alteration of the system that is responsible for regulating the concentration of water in our body . In addition, the kidneys control the sodium-potassium balance and the rest of body fluids.

There are several causes that cause fluid accumulation in our body, such as overweight and inactivity . People who are a few kilos more are more likely to accumulate fluids. Also, there are many other factors, such as circulatory problems, diseases, excess salt, hormone levels ...

Solutions for fluid retention

One of the main solutions to combat the retention of Liquid is the water consumption , especially in times of more heat that can suffer from dehydration. To know the daily amount you have to take, multiply between 250-330ml of water per kilo of weight. For example, a woman who weighs 60kg, has to multiply 60 by 330 and the result is 19,800. Therefore, it would be 1.9 liters of water every day, almost 2 liters. It should be said that practically all of them give us between 1.5-2.5 liters approximately.

It is important to consume water to avoid fluid retention.

In addition to water consumption, it is important to follow these two remedies:

  1. Cold water showers to activate the circulation, especially in the face of the end of the day, which is when we have more retention. Especially in legs and hands.
  2. Try to avoid very heavy dinners to speed up digestion. In this way, you will feel lighter. Try to include in these dishes pineapple on the grill accompanied by asparagus omelet . Both are recommended for their diuretic effect. Another option is to include gazpachos and cold and light dishes , such as vegetables . They have a high content of potassium and this helps us eliminate liquids.

In many cases these solutions are not enough. For this reason, the use of diuretics is recommended. For example, the horsetail and the dandelion , because they contain very beneficial properties.

Diuretics to eliminate retention of liquids

Diuretics are considered supplements but based on herbal extracts . The use of diuretics is recommended for the reduction of subcutaneous water accumulation, that is, fluid retention. In addition, they facilitate the loss of volume. In short, decrease the percentage of water in our body, not body fat.


The best diuretics to combat fluid retention


Evodren from HSN Sports is a perfect diuretic to combat the retention of liquids. Combine the action of different herbal extracts , such as horsetail , dandelion , parsley, garcinia cambogia, black pepper extract and green tea extract, among others.It is also aimed at sportswomen in the definition stage and those who seek a natural complement to maintain the health of the urinary tract and prevent recurrent infections.

 Evodren diuretic supplement for fluid retention.

Artichoke Extract

The Artichoke Extract in Prisma Natural Vegetable Glycerin promotes the elimination of excess body fluids and weight loss. It is a adjuvant complement to improve liver and intestinal function. It provides digestive properties, helps to prevent constipation and promotes liver and kidney health.

This diuretic is ideal for those who seek to promote fluid elimination, the draining effect and the purifying and detoxifying function. In addition, it is beneficial for those who suffer constipation or for those who have a delicate or weak liver function and even with high cholesterol.

 Artichoke extract, diuretic supplement for fluid retention.

Diuretic Complex

The Diuretic Complex from Amix contains diuretic properties that help remove excess liquids and fats in the body , since it includes dandelion, uva-ursi, watermelon, green tea and guarana. These ingredients and other ingredients are designed to enhance the action of each of them and cause the loss of fluids. All its properties make it a diuretic of maximum muscle definition.

 DIURETIC COMPLEX, diuretic supplement for fluid retention.


The Drenamas of Soria Natural is an all-natural diuretic food supplement based on extracts of plants. It has a draining effect and detoxifying capacity , being natural depurative product . Contains artichoke extract, dandelion, malisa and bitter chamomile. It also promotes liver, kidney, digestive health and the elimination of excess fluid retained in our body.

Drenamas, diuretic supplement for fluid retention.

Red Tea

The Red Tea from Soria Natural is another dietary supplement based on the Camellia Sinensis plant extract. It is a natural energizer great to promote weight loss and diuretic action. It favors the natural elimination of toxins and prevents the retention of liquids. It is also a great digestive because it stimulates the production of gastric acid and generate bile salts that are very good for digestion.

This tea is perfect for balancing your cholesterol levels and triglycerides. Also for those people with physical and mental fatigue and heavy digestion.

 Red tea, diuretic supplement for fluid retention.


The MHP XPEL diuretic helps to eliminate subcutaneous water quickly thanks to its composition of > 100% natural ingredients . Unlike other diuretics, it keeps the inside of muscle cells hydrated .Many of the girls who have tried it, say they have noticed results in just 12 hours.

 XPEL, a diuretic supplement for fluid retention.

Natrol Water Pill

The natural diuretic Natrol Water Pill is a diuretic action supplement, suitable for vegetarians and gluten-free . Its formula is based on natural herbs that help promote a balanced level of fluids in the body, along with a healthy diet and exercise program. It helps control weight and temporarily relieves occasional swelling. In addition, it contains vitamin B6, calcium, potassium and extract of buchu, juniper, parsley and grape-ursi.

Water Pill is perfect if you are looking to promote the elimination of liquids and a draining effect.

NATROL WATER PILL, diuretic supplement for fluid retention.

As you can see girls, there are many solutions to combat fluid retention. The important thing is not to lose motivation and put the necessary remedies to the accumulation of fluids in our body.

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