Mark your silhouette by training the top train!

Afraid to train the upper zone ? Why? Do you think it is not very feminine to mark your trunk? That's not it!

You will wonder what advantage the training of the upper body area will have and personally I think that a trunk worked on a woman marks some very beautiful lines , and now you I tell why.

When I refer to the upper body, I mean, the work of shoulders, back, biceps, triceps, abdomen and lumbar. I am going to talk specifically about the benefits of the work of the first four muscle groups that I have just named.

Surely, you will have ever thought that a woman with strong arms, marked shoulders, is not pretty. And for that reason you avoid including upper train training in your routines for fear of "getting too strong and looking like a man".

Do not think that! I assure you 100% that a woman will not increase her musculature by exercising her trunk 2-3 times a week, and even more! ·It's hard! Why? We have less testosterone than a man, so the increase in muscle mass is more difficult and slower.

What effect does shoulders work ?

Here comes the interesting thing. When you train your shoulders, little by little it will increase its size slightly, forming a curious curve, so that it will sharpen waist. What? As you read it! If you increase the contour of your shoulders, your waist will look smaller!

Tune your waist with slender shoulders

Take the test! I encourage you to try the shoulder and back training for a few months. And you will see that for visual purposes, your waist seems narrower. It's great!

In addition, back work is good, since every day we are subjected to work in which you are in a chair for hours. Either facing a public or computer; standing hours, affecting the lower back and back. Women who are dedicated to the care of the home. Exercising your trunk favors first, to avoid uncomfortable postures and even to correct them. And at the time of shopping if we have strong arms We can carry the bags without loading too much!

Strengthening the trunk helps your day to day

It is important to work in this area but we must not forget that a complete workout involves exercising all muscles. Even so, there will be some that have more impact on some muscle groups than others because of their objectives, but the key is to have a balance.

I hope this is said, have you encouraged to exercise your upper body? ? They are all advantages !

Gem exercising upper gear

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