Not having a gym does not involve not training!

Can not you go to the gym? Lack of time? Far from home? Solutions!

On many occasions I have heard phrases like: "I do not exercise because I do not have time to go to the gym", "I do not train because I can not spend so much time on it", "you are minimal three hours in the gym to be like that. " With these phrases I want to focus that it is not necessary to have a gym, nor dedicate hours and hours training to be fit. All these false myths are what stop many people from starting to start healthy habits, both in food and physical activity Open your mind!

It is not an excuse "I do not have time to play sports. "

Do not have time to go to the gym and do not train for it? I give you solution!

You can wear the sports shoes and go out to the street to practice running or simply stay on the couch watching TV. Lead a sedentary, boring life and complain about not being in shape.

You have the last word! Only you decide!

If you live in the coastal area, you can find many alternatives to do your training: Running on the seafront, use of facilities such as bars, benches, platforms and even you can take you ropes, rubber bands, TRX to work with your own weight Very good option! And if you go with a companion you can train as a couple Entertaining and fun! Could you ask for more?

If you do not have a coast there are urban parks and areas where you can adapt your training. And if you do not want to leave the house you can do your own routine without leaving it. You only need to condition an area and especially Will!

Many will think that if you do not train in a gym you do not really work, but do you know the myriad advantages of working with your own weight? ? Strength, endurance, agility! Do not think that by lifting four weights you will be stronger. The control of your body is one of the toughest workouts, but do the test!

Not being able to train in a gym is no excuse for not moving.

The key to everything is to take the first step. You can do exercises that you can do both at home and on the street. What do you expect to throw yourself into the pool and try a healthy lifestyle?

Your health is at stake!  Gem Nutrifit Sentadilla

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