The best supplements to increase muscle mass

The key to increasing muscle mass is to perform sufficient training, consume nutrients and rest as necessary. These three variables have to be enhanced to increase muscle mass.

Nutrients to increase muscle mass

Nutrition is an important part, apart from training and water consumption , to get muscle growth. The most important nutrients are the following:

  1. Protein . It is necessary because it allows muscle fibers to recover much earlier. For example, meat, fish, oats, egg whites, nuts, among others.
  2. Hydrates . Recommended to have energy and be able to perform intense workouts that require great effort. Potatoes and sweet potatoes are some of the foods high in carbohydrates.
  3. Fat unsaturated . Essential for muscle growth and strength that help protect muscle from catabolism, such as salmon, walnuts, avocado and olive oil.

The best supplements to gain muscle mass

It is also advisable to include sports supplements that help achieve the goal.

Supplements to gain muscle mass




Evolate is a highly bioavailable protein with an important impact on protein synthesis. It supports muscle maintenance and growth, as well as being one of the best protein options to increase the nutritional value of anyone's diet.

100% Whey Gold Standard


The 100% Whey Gold Standard protein It is the best sold in the world, since it has a triple mixture of different proteins: isolated, concentrated and hydrolyzed whey protein isolate. These three types are the best we can find now.



The hydrolyzed protein Evobeef comes from lean beef. It is an optimal source of amino acids to promote the growth and maintenance of tissues. 350% more concentrated in amino acids than a sirloin steak! In contrast, Evobeef does not provide fat or cholesterol and does not contain lactose.

Weight gain



EvoMass completes the contribution of proteins and carbohydrates, which increases our caloric total. This powerful dough winner can help you support your diet, thanks to the large amount of nutrients included.

Jumbo Professional


Jumbo Professional provides 52g of high-quality protein and contains a mixture of fast carbohydrates and slow absorption It is considered a great formula for weight gain for people with a normal metabolism and takes into account the demands of typical strength training.

Serious Mass


The great contribution of nutrients from Serious Mass contributes the perfect amount of carbohydrates and proteins. It is a constant and staggered energy source that does not allow hydrates to accumulate in the form of fat.In addition, it is an enzymatically modified carbohydrate and ideal for athletes who perform high intensity and/or long duration training.

Gold Drink Premium


The isotonic Gold Drink Premium allows to improve physical recovery and is a good contribution of BCAA's (leucine, valine and isoleucine).

Carbojet Basic


Carbojet Basic of Amix is a combination of carbohydrates and" complete proteins "of quality, as they provide the total of amino acids needed to the human being.

Supplements for the diet

Instant Oats

instant- oats-raw-series

Instant Oats Instant Oats brings energy Stenida to our breakfasts or snacks. It is an excellent source of low GI complex carbohydrates, proteins, healthy fats, fiber and micronutrients.

Peanut Butter


The Peanut Butter from HSN Foods is 100% natural, a very nutritious and caloric food . Delicious, healthy and energy-packed breakfast!



Prepared from oatmeal, Evocakes is a whey protein isolate and isolated from milk protein, whole egg powder, ready to mix with water or milk and make great pancakes.

Remember girls check with your doctor before starting any nutritional and exercise program. Food supplements should not be used as meal replacements.

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