Tips to improve sports performance

Many people go around the fitness room or doing classes and do not take 100% advantage of the opportunity in front of them. They do not perform adequate performance during their workouts. Surely you've ever wondered what can I do? Do I train enough? Should I train more? How many times should I go to the gym? ... Let's see if I can throw a cable. I bring you some tips to get the maximum performance while you dedicate to your workouts.

Improve the performance of your training

Advice # 1: Less time but at the intensity and adequate performance

Sometimes we think " a little longer, train better ", because this is an error. It has happened to all of us, to go to the gym with an extra motivation and to want to do all the classes in the afternoon. I like them all or just think that because I have not gone to the gym or trained in a few days, "I better do everything to recover what I have not done". For example, first a Bodycombat and then a bike class, or the other way around. This is a common mistake, the two sessions are going to provide a similar benefit, in this cardiovascular case. But most importantly, both are designed to take advantage of 100% training and get great performance.

For your body it is much more recommended that Do one of the two, since you will avoid joint, tendon or ligament overloads . You will recover much better and the next day you will be able to give 100% again in the next training.

Improvement your performance in your weight exercises

Tip # 2: Do not train every day at the same intensity improve your performance

Our body is wise and knows how to adapt quickly to the stimuli we give it. For this reason, your workouts should be structured and designed to have loading, recovery and supercompensation phases .

A clear example we have it when someone starts to run. At first it runs little and slow, as the days go by it starts to run faster and longer, until a limit is reached. Then it always runs always at the same speed and the same time, because you think "if I go slower or run less I will lose physical form or lower my mark". This is an example but we could apply it to any other training, weights, swimming, bike, ... It is another serious error. The training of any sport should have behind it a schedule to get ahead in each training .

If you are looking to improve in your discipline and have a greater performance, look for a personal trainer to help you plan the loads , you will be surprised with what you will get.

Tip # 3: Training days

Here are several versions. If you're looking to maintain a normal physical shape, do some sport and stay active, with 3 or 4 times a week is enough . That is, leave a day of rest between training sessions. If you are a person who likes to play sports, and training is part of your daily habit, then train every day. In this case, what I recommend is that you organize your workouts . In this way, some are load training and others active recovery . Use classes such as Bodybalance or Yoga to train your mobility and posture. You can also change one of the workouts for a light walk/run of about 30/45 'followed by mobility and stretching work.My recommendation is when you train, put it in airplane mode . Dedicate the time of training to training. Be effective Do not love it Have in your head the action plan of the training you will do that day. If you are in a directed class, disconnect from your outside world and live the experience with the group . You will see that you will achieve greater performance, since you will spend less time, train better and have an extra time after your training to reconnect to your social networks.

Take more advantage of the time and have better results with these four tips.

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