Your best source of energy!

Are you one of those who have made the decision to avoid carbohydrate consumption ? If so ... why? Do you think that they get fat? What will you accumulate fat?

Let's talk about the false myth of carbohydrates ...

I started to answer, and I think it's a mistake very common among many of you to eliminate carbohydrates from food. Why? Many believe in the false myth of ... "carbohydrates get fat", "they accumulate in the form of fats", "does pasta at night? Never! "Do you really think this? I hope not ...

Do you know that carbohydrates are your main source of energy ? If this is missing in your body, you can hardly "walk" without feeling tired. Let's give an example! What happens to a vehicle that does not have gas? You can not move, right? Well, your body is exactly the same! Give your fuel to work without dragging fatigue!


They are your main source of energy!

It is necessary to include carbohydrates in a healthy diet , and This gives you the energy your body needs to perform daily activities. When to include them? In my opinion, you can consume them at any time of the day. Yes it is true, it is essential that they appear in some of your meals of the day; I need them at least at breakfast before training! And in my food after training! and according to the needs and objectives of the person, will be divided into portions during the day, each person is a world, and works differently!

Do not eliminate them! They will give you a lot of strength to train!

What are the most healthy ? I personally consume those that have a very low content of sugars outside industrial cereals! As some examples I can advise you: flakes or oatmeal; basmati rice, potato, sweet potato, lentils, rye bread, among many others! I will soon inform you more about the best sources of carbohydrates!

Carbohydrates! = Your best fuel! Do not eliminate them!

And now the star question: Can you eat at night? Of course! That of ... "carbohydrates at night, not that they accumulate in the form of fat and fat!" Is a wrong statement and very common to hear in people who are not very well informed about this type of macronutrient. I explain!

The body sends the carbohydrates to the fat reserve reservoir in case they have not been used for 48-72 hours, which means that the person tends to a sedentary life in those hours, and I wonder ... Are you lying on the couch all that time? Obviously not! Therefore, you can eat them at night without problem! However, there are people who prefer to eat all the carbohydrates that they need during the day and avoid it at night due to the accumulation of liquids and others ... but nothing happens! You can distribute your fuel in the way that best suits your needs!

Do not be fooled by the false myth of not eating carbohydrates at night

With this post I hope to achieve, that those who thought to suppress carbohydrates or those who had eliminated it from their meals, do not do it! Help move without getting tired!


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